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Satisfy the customer's requirements with quality SOK motors ,advanced design and technology, high quality service and reputation.   Broad-minded makes our team more cohesive and a profound vision of development leads to sustained growth.   Order, innovation, dedication, all-win   Customer first, standardized management, based on quality, sustainable development   Focus on customers’ brand concerns, provide competitive “SOK” products and services; Give me one chance and we will never let you down.


Why choose us?

Firstly, SOK team has been adhering to business philosophy of order, innovation, dedication, all-win” business philosophy, and can meet all your requirements .
1. We continually pursue the optimum integration of company operating mechanism and the feeling, truth, law and economic laws.
2. Now we have 6 major series of products, hundreds of varieties and thousands of specifications, which can constantly meet various requirements of users, and provide the best service to users.
3. We continuously improve the product of advanced, innovative and practical use of performance, with perspicacity, continuous innovation and efficient execution to create brand value for customers.
4. We continue to nurture partnerships with users and employees to achieve all-win in the competition.

Secondly, adhering to the company’s quality policy "customer first, standardized management, based on quality, sustainable development," we will provide you with the strongest quality assurance system.
1. Customer first: To focus on customers to meet their request and expectations, to provide quality products and services to customer satisfaction as our responsibility.
2. Standard management: In accordance with the requirements of the ISO9001 international standards to establish a sound quality management system, follow the applicable laws and regulations to establish a modern company system.
3. Based on quality: To survive by quality, to develop by norms, by improving the quality and careful operation of staff to achieve superior Quality products and timely service.
4. Sustainable development: Use continuously improved incentive mechanism of quality management system to identify customer needs, and constantly develop new products for the market to seek continuous improvement and continuous development.


Our Partners:

We cooperate with customers extend all over areas of aerospace services, machinery and equipment manufacturing industry, security protection industry, shipbuilding and national defense scientific research units.
SOK’s product specifications and quality are at a leading level in the domestic, and has made a number of patented technologies. The company has been identified as high-tech enterprises, and our products have been certified by CCC certification and UL certification, with a sound ISO9001 quality assurance system. The current products sell well all over the country and exported to Europe and America. We hope that our products can get more customers choice.