Staff Development

Staff Development

      For us, talent is one of the most important resources for success. If there are no honest, talented, vibrant, passionate staffs, SOK cannot become a leader in micro-motor technology.


As a young growth joint-stock enterprise, SOK will continue to provide you with a variety of exciting development opportunities, and encourage employees to maximize their full potential; "Bo Yuan - broad selfless mind to make our team more cohesive, far-reaching development of the eyes make our business go farther." This is our corporate culture, we hope that every employee of our company can actively pursue progress, focus on the future; and willing to cooperate with others, together to play the power of this family to achieve long-term development and personal career aspirations.


We provide delicious meals to our staff, and provide a variety of sports venues and travel plans every year. Employee benefits include: pension insurance, unemployment insurance, medical insurance, maternity insurance, work injury insurance, housing provident fund, staff attendance, communication allowance, gasoline subsidy, hospital consolation money, employee annual welfare, employee paid annual leave, staff annual tourism and so on. We provide humane working environment for our staff, which could make the staff safe, happy to work.


Finally, SOK hopes everyone to get spirit of "responsibility, collaboration, innovation, advancement", and develop together with SOK, and also hopes that every day in the SOK would be a beautiful landscape of your life.


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