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Product Series

Focusing on the development, production and sales of micro motors,fans and blowers and so on.

PM slow speed synchronous motors

The TDY motor is one kind of totally enclosed motor,which can produce low speed and high torque directly without any gear head,and has many advantages such as constant output speed , low vibration&noise, high starting torque and no impact current when starting,stopping,reversing and stalling.The TDY motors have certain holding torque, If it is excited by DC power,it will produce high holding torque. In addition, this TDY motor can start, brake, reverse and stall instantly.
The TDY motors are mainly used as driving elements of low speed driving systems,such as instrument and meters,feed mechanism of lathes,rotary heat exchanger and actuator elements of open-loop control systems.The TDY motors can achieve stepless variable speed if they are driven by SOK's special inverter-SV02-D4.


Axial Fans

The fan is consist of metal tubular vent,Iinner or external rotor AC induction motor and plastic or metal impeller.The FZY fans have the following feature: big air flow,low noise&vibration, high reliability,easy mounting and long lfe-time etc.They are mainly used in computer systems , ground-based auto-controlling equipment , electronic instruments ,office automatic equipment,medical apparatus and welding machines.


Centrifugal blowers

The blower is consist of AC induction motor with inner or external rotor and plastic or metal forward curved Impeller and scroll housing, and has the following feature:high air flow, low noise&vibration and easy mounting etc.The FLJ series blowers are widely used  in ground auto control equipment,electronic equipment, dust exhausting, air pollution exhausting, heat exhausting, air purification and environment controlling as force-cooling and exhausting devices.


Backward curved centrifugal fans

The fan is consist of AC induction motor with external rotor and metal or plastic backward curved impeller, and has the following features: compact construction, light weight, high air flow,low noise&vibration and easy mounting etc.The FHJ fans are widely used in ground-based electronic equipment , automatic control equipment, air purification,kitchen equipment, building exhausting, environment controlling, pollution air protection etc.



Our fans and motors are wildly used in ventilation system,medical equipment,boom gate,transformer,packing machine,printing machine ,auto-controlling equipment and so on.


PM slow speed synchronous motors

Gear motors

Barrier gate mechanisms


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