Plastic Machinery

Plastic processing industry used in all kinds of machinery and devices in general. Certain fluids and solids conveying, separation, crushing, grinding and drying and other general machinery and equipment, also occupies an important position in the plastics processing industry, so often listed as plastic machinery. The design and manufacture of modern plastic machinery, in addition to relying on the development of mechanical engineering and materials science, especially with the progress of theoretical research in plastics engineering is closely related.

Industrial air conditioning and special air conditioning

Industrial air conditioning refers to the production process for industrial products or industrial process equipment to provide reliable operation of the ambient temperature, humidity, cleanliness assurance of air conditioning equipment. For example, to ensure the normal operation of equipment in the electrical control room and the use of constant temperature and humidity air conditioners, mobile overhead cranes in the steelmaking workshop used in high-temperature environment special air conditioners, meat processing workshop using low-temperature unit air conditioners, etc., are industrial air conditioning

Fresh Air System

Fresh air system is a set of independent air treatment system composed of air supply system and exhaust system, it is divided into two kinds of ducted fresh air system and ductless fresh air system. Ducted fresh air system consists of fresh air machine and duct fittings, through the new air machine to purify the outdoor air into the indoor, through the pipeline will be indoor air discharge; no ducted fresh air system consists of fresh air machine and breathing treasure, also by the new air machine to purify the outdoor air into the indoor, at the same time by breathing treasure will be indoor dirty air discharge. Relatively speaking, ducted fresh air system is more suitable for industrial or large office area due to the large amount of work, while ductless fresh air system is more suitable for home use because of easy installation.

Wind Turbine Generator System (WTGS)

The fan control system is an important part of the fan, it is responsible for fan monitoring, automatic adjustment, to achieve maximum wind energy capture and ensure good power grid compatibility and other important tasks, it is mainly by the monitoring system, the main control system, pitch control system and frequency conversion system (inverter) composed of several parts.
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